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Phosphate 2 Papers

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Uwe Hoppe

A career in diffraction: Probing the structure of phosphate glasses


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Delia Brauer

Following phosphate glass dissolution by P-31 NMR


Jincheng Du

Structures of rare earth containing phosphate, aluminophosphate, phosphosilicate glasses, insight from molecular dynamics simulations


Alex Hannon

Uwe Hoppe: Neutrons, X-rays and Phosphate glasses


Tsuyoshi  Honma

Phosphate glass and glass-ceramics for rechargeable batteries


Francisco  Muñoz

Viscosity of phosphate melts


Morten  Smedskjaer

Structure-Property Transformations in Hot Compressed Phosphate Glasses


Leo van Wüllen

Glass structure and its evolution at high temperatures: Phase separation, crystallization and species exchange: Lessons from Solid State NMR Spectroscopy


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Ifty Ahmed

Phosphate Glass Porous Microspheres for Bone Tissue Regeneration Applications

Jincheng  Bai

Effects of molybdenum on structure and properties of iron-phosphate glasses

Radha  Banhatti

Fundamental Insights Gained on Polaronic Conduction in Pure Iron Phosphate Glasses with varying Fe2+ content from a Comprehensive Analysis of  Conductivity and Permittivity Spectra using MIGRATION Concept

Emma Barney

Structural and physico-chemical analysis of calcium/ strontium substituted, near-invert phosphate based glasses for biomedical applications

Anne-Lise  Chabauty

Radioactive iodine conditioning in silver phosphate glasses

Duangrudee  Chaysuwan

Machinable phosphate glass-ceramics for dental applications

Jamieson  Christie

Magnesium in phosphate glass: structure and bioactivity

Clarissa  de Lima

Crystallization Studies and Mechanical Properties of New KPO3-Ta2O5-Al2O3 Glasses

Evgeny Dianov

Investigation of optical properties of short-lived luminescence centers in bismuth-doped phosphosilicate fibers

Parker  Freudenberger

Structure and Properties of Glasses in the ZnO-B2O3-P2O5 System

Aswini Ghosh

Dynamics of Lithium Ions in Tellurium-Phosphate Glasses: Correlation with Structure

Pauline Glatz

Phosphorus-aluminium interactions driving crystallization in aluminosilicate glasses

Kristin  Griebenow

Effect of transition metal (Cu2+, Ni2+) incorporation on the structural and mechanical properties of Sr metaphosphate glass

Alex C. Hannon Bond valence analysis of phosphate structures

Akitoshi Hayashi

Mechanochemical synthesis of nitrogen-containing Li2S-P2S5 glass electrolytes for all-solid-state rechargeable lithium batteries

Seiji Inaba

Anisotropic structure of mixed alkali metaphosphate glass

Shinji Kohara

Modification of phosphate network in ZnO-P2O5 glasses

Ladislav Koudelka

Glass forming ability and structure of BaO-MoO3-P2O5 glasses

Shiro  Kubuki

Local structure and magnetic properties of iron phosphate glass prepared by sol-gel method

Pablo Lopez Iscoa

Synthesis and characterization of innovative Er3+-doped nanoparticles containing phosphate glasses and glass ceramics

Nerea Mascaraque

Dissolution Kinetics of Densified Phosphate Glasses

Ayush  Mishra

Impact of immersion in TRIS on light loss and mechanical properties of phosphate fibers

Andrea Moguš-Milanković

Electrical transport in mixed ion-polaron glasses

Mahfoudhi  Mohamed 

Europium environment modification by Electron and femtosecond Laser irradiation in phosphate glasses

Lionel Montagne

Solid-state NMR Structural analysis of phosphate glasses deposited as thin films

Mossaab  Mouiya

Influence of heating rate on the microstructure and mechanical properties of porous fluorapatite ceramic developed from clay and natural phosphate

Gavin Mountjoy

Li ion conductivity in lithium phosphate glasses

Amy Nommeots-Nomm

Oxyfluoride phosphate glasses: thermal and dissolution characteristics

Hosam Othman

The effect of alkaline earth oxides and cerium concentration on the spectroscopic properties of Sm/Ce doped lithium alumino-phosphate glasses

Georgiana-Laura Paraschiv

Oxidation Resistance of Sodium Phosphorus Oxynitride Glass

Luka  Pavić

Nature of mixed electrical transport in Ag2O-ZnO-P2O5 glasses containing WO3 and MoO3 studied by Impedance spectroscopy

Tomasz Pietrzak

Nanocrystallization in NASICON-like phosphate glasses

Bruno Rodrigues

Plasticization and anti-plasticization effects on the mechanical properties of NaPO3-Na2SO4-NaCl glasses

Akira Saitoh 

Structure and properties relationship in ternary ZnO-SnO-P2O5 glasses

Ana Šantić

Electrical properties of iron phosphate glasses containing HfO2 and CeO2

Talam  Satyanarayana

Investigation on Bioactivity of MgO doped Calcium Phosphate Glasses

Ying Shi

Pressurization Induced Structural Change of Titanium Phosphate Glass by X-ray and Neutron Total Scattering Analysis

Hosokawa Shinya

Phonon excitations in an anisotropic metaphosphate glass

Mariona  Tarragó

The P2O5-SiO2 substitution on barium phosphosilicate glasses

Adja Touré

Molecular dynamics simulation of phosphate based bioactive glasses containing fluorine

So  Yubuchi

Liquid-phase synthesis of thiophosphate-based Li6PS5Br electrolytes with high lithium-ion conductivities

Phosphate 2 Posters

Robert Balzer

The effect of water on the structure of phosphate glasses

Lucica  Boroica 

Magneto-optical phosphate thin films containing Dy2O3, prepared by pulsed laser deposition technique

Mohamed Atef Cherbib

Structure properties relationship in calcium sodium metaphosphate glasses

A. Djeridi

Mössbauer spectroscopic study of iron phosphate glass for radioactive waste storage

Shahed Ekbatani

Optical Fibers with Polymeric Coatings; Effect of Coating on Thermal and Mechanical Properties

Shotaro Hirano

Optical, scintillation and storage luminescence properties of Zn3(PO4)2-Al(PO3)3 glass doped with Sn2+

Jana  Holubová

Structural Investigation of Zinc Vanadium Phosphate Glasses

Masayuki Itadani 

Optical and thermal properties of barium tin boro-phosphate glasses for optical fiber devices

Petr Kalenda

Structure-property relationships in BaO-Nb2O5-P2O5 glasses

Naoto Kitamura 

Characterization of reaction layer on water durability in monovalent and divalent oxide doped iron phosphate glasses

Konrad Kwatek

Lithium–ion conducting ceramic composites based on LiTi2(PO4)3 and Li2.9B0.9S0.1O3.1glass

Vladimir Michaelis

31P and 11B Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy: Insight into Alkaline Earth Borophosphate Glasses

Doris Möncke Fluoride-phosphate glasses: compositional and structural variations under melting

Petr  Mosner

Sodium phosphate glasses modified by MoO3 and WO3

Gavin Mountjoy

Impossible phosphate crystals

Nadège  Ollier

T1 NMR measurements of 31P: a tool for point defects characterization in irradiated phosphate glasses

Dimitrios  Palles


Thermal-electric-field poling in bioactive sodium-calcium phosphosilicate glass: Second harmonic generation and related near-surface structural rearrangements

Andrew Parsons

Effect of glass former and modifier additives on the strength of phosphate glass fibres

Nuttawan Sawangboon

Influence of aluminium content on structure and properties of silicophosphate glasses

Nusrat  Sharmin

Combined effect of B2O3 and Fe2O3 addition on the fibre drawing ability, mechanical properties and degradation mode of novel phosphate based glass fibres

BoroPhosphate Abstracts

Presenting author Title

Scott Kroeker

Multinuclear NMR Study of Molybdenum Incorporation in Aluminoborophosphate Glasses

Steve Martin On the Competitive Roles of Boron and Phosphorous in the Structures and Properties of Mixed Glass Former Glasses

Akira Takada

Geometrical modelling of B2O3 and P2O5 systems

Gregory Tricot

B/P mixing in borophosphate glasses: analysis by 1D/2D NMR


Presenting author Title
K Morakchi Electrochemical studies of liquid-liquid interfaces
Tomasz K. Pietrzak White luminescence of Eu2+/Eu3+ in phosphate glass matrix
Dr. Mohamed Aly Hassan Zenhom Using the Free Formation in the Glass Sculpture Design