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Borates 9 Papers


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Steve Feller

My 44 Year Search: How do the Fundamental Physical Properties of Borate Glass Reveal its Underlying Atomic Structure


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Mario Affatigato

Steve Feller: A Passion for Borates


Oliver Alderman

Borate melt structure: Temperature dependent B-O bond lengths and coordination numbers from x-ray diffraction


Frank Hawthorne

Borate Minerals: Crystal Structure and Crystallization


Diane Holland

NMR studies of alkali borogermanate glasses

Simona Ispas Ab initio modelling of multicomponent borosilicate glasses


Jun Matsuoka

Thermal properties and viscosity of isotope substituted borate glasses: concept of vibrational connectivity


M. N. Rahaman

Borate Glasses in Healthcare: Compositional Effects on Structure, Reactivity and Cell Response


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Michela Buscemi

Structure of (11B2O3)0.3(GeO2)0.7 glass at pressures up to 8.2 GPa

Mariia Anurova

The effect of different borate glass-matrix on the luminescent properties of organic-inorganic hybrid materials

Silvia Barbi

Structure and properties of rare-earth ions doped in heavy metal borate glasses

Harald  Behrens

Effect of water on structure and dynamics of sodium borosilicate glasses

Lucica  Boroica

PLD thin films from doped boro-phosphate glass and glass ceramics

Olivier Bouty

Combined XAS investigation and atomistic simulations of a Cm-doped borosilicate glass related to nuclear waste confinement

Rimma Bubnova

Self–assembly and high anisotropy thermal expansion of borates consisting of BO3 triangular radicals

Elena  Chechetkina

Viscous flow as the self-organizing process: Borate glass-forming liquids

Giovanna  D’Angelo

Probing the Intermediate-Range Order and the vibrational dynamics at high pressure in B2O3 Glasses

Tori Eng

Glass/Polymer Composites With Bactericidal Properties

Margit Fabian

Structural characteristics of borosilicate glasses doped with uranium ions

Stanislav Filatov

Structural factor of cationic substitutions by example of borates (for the 200th anniversary of the discovery of isomorphism-substitution by E. Mitscherlich)

José Eduardo Gardolinski

The importance of borate glasses to industrial analytical chemistry

Hubert Huppertz

Extending the Field of Nickel Borates via High-Pressure Synthesis

Marina Konon

Phase-separated and porous glasses in Na2O-B2O3-SiO2-Fe2O3 glass forming system

Sergey Krivovichev

Structural complexity and polymorphism of crystalline borates

Maria Krzhizhanovskaya

High-temperature crystal chemistry of alkali and alkaline earth borosilicates and comparison with aluminosilicates and borogermanates

César Laia

Strategies for the development of photoluminescent aluminoborosilicate glass materials

A.V. Lalithaphani

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectra of CdO-Al2O3-Bi2O3-B2O3  Quaternary Glasses Containing VO2+ ions

Gérald  Lelong

Pressure induced polyamorphism in lithium borates

Valery  Mashinsky

Bismuth-related NIR luminescence in borosilicate and borogermanate glasses 

Vladimir  Michaelis

Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy of Heteroatom Substituted Nanoporous Materials: The Role of Sodium Tetraborate

Doris Möncke

Low alkaline borosilicate glasses – a multi spectroscopic study of preferential bonding, phase-separation and dopant sites

Tatsuya Mori

Boson peak of alkali borate glass probed by terahertz time-domain and low-frequency Raman spectroscopies

Kenji Nagao

Charge-discharge properties of bulk-type all-oxide solid-state cells using  Li3BO3-based glass-ceramic electrolytes

Daniel Neuville

Al,B substitution in lime aluminoborate glasses, form nano to macroscopic scale

Yulia Pankova

Dimensional reduction and structural complexity in the CaO-B2O3-H2O system

Charlotte Rimbach

Optical and structural properties of lanthanide-doped borate glass

Hans Roggendorf 

Synthesis and thermal treatment of sodium borosilicate gels to po-rous materials derived from sodium water glasses

Valentino Romano

Low frequency Raman scattering and low temperature heat capacity of densified B2O3 glasses

Stephan Sander

Long term phase separation in sodium borosilicate glass

José  Schneider

Cation Bonding and Distribution in Mixed Sr Phosphate Glasses

B Srinivas

Experimental and Theoretical investigations of EPR and optical spectra of Cu2+ spin probe in BaO-TeO2-B2O3 glasses

Franziska  Steudel

Luminescent borate glass for white light emitting diodes

Jenna  Tainio

Structural properties and dissolution of magnesium and strontium doped bioactive borosilicate glasses

Natalia Vedishcheva

Chemical Origin of Phase Separation in Borate and Borosilicate Glasses

Collin Wilkinson

Experimental and Simulation Investigation of Glass Transition Widths in Alkali Borate Glasses at Low Modifier Loadings

Adrian Wright

The Structural Chemistry of B2O3

Randall Youngman

Impact of Compression on Structure and Properties of Borate Glasses

Anita Zeilder

Competing network formers in (B2O3)x(GeO2)(1-x)

Borates 9 Posters

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Mariia Anurova

Fluoroborate glasses and glass-ceramic doped Eu3+

Yaroslav  Biryukov

X-Ray diffraction and Mössbauer studies of Fe3O2(BO4) at different temperatures

Chevelle Boomershine

Studies of Borate Glasses Using Aerolevitation

Emmanuelle de Clermont Gallerande

Electronic structure of lithium borates: an experimental and theoretical study

Samha  El Shbarawy

Crystallization of spinel nano ferrites from borate glasses with high content of iron oxide

Hagar  Elkholy 

Spectroscopic study of the role of alkaline earth oxides in mixed borate glasses - site basicity, polarizability and glass structure

Carina  Figueiredo

Influence of Alkali Ion on the Luminescence of Mn Doped Borosilicate Glasses

Liudmila .A. Gorelova

Fivefold coordinated silicon in the high-pressure modification of datolite, CaBSiO4(OH)

Patrick Kralik

The Intermediate Range Structure of Lead Borate Glasses Studied Using Laser Ionization Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry (LITOF-MS)

Nerea Mascaraque

Chemical Durability and Crack Resistance of Alkali and Alkaline Earth Aluminoborate Glasses

Przemysław  Michalski

Structural and electrical investigation of LiFexMn1-xBO3 nanocrystallized glasses

Daisuke  Nakauchi

Optical and radiation-induced luminescence properties of Sn-doped magnesium aluminoborate glasses.

Takahiro Ohkubo

Structure of minor atomic species in an alumino-borosilicate glass; ab initio molecular dynamics study

Takahiro Ohkubo

Structural analysis of nuclear-waste glass containing V and Mo by solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance and Raman spectroscopy

Dimitrios  Palles

Mixed glass former effect in ultra-fast-quenched lithium borophosphate glasses by infrared spectroscopy

Mauricio Rodríguez Chialanza

New borate glass-ceramics as spectral converters

Yuki  Satofuka

Mechanochemical synthesis and characterization of Eu2+, Dy3+ co-doped SrO-Al2O3-B2O3 glass-ceramics with long persistent luminescence

Andrey  Shablinskii

Crystal structures, thermal evolution and luminescent properties of new compound Sr3Bi2(BO3)4 and Sr3–xBaxBi2(BO3)4 solid solutions doped by Eu3+

Dalton Shadle

A 10B NMR study of tetrahedral borons in ring structured borate glasses

Masanori  Suzuki

Structural Behavior of Vanadium Ions in Alkali Borosilicate Glass for Nuclear Waste Storage

Nagia Tagiara

Properties and structure of boro-tellurite and alumino-tellurite glasses

BoroPhosphate Abstracts

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Scott Kroeker

Multinuclear NMR Study of Molybdenum Incorporation in Aluminoborophosphate Glasses

Steve Martin On the Competitive Roles of Boron and Phosphorous in the Structures and Properties of Mixed Glass Former Glasses

Akira Takada

Geometrical modelling of B2O3 and P2O5 systems

Gregory Tricot

B/P mixing in borophosphate glasses: analysis by 1D/2D NMR


Presenting author Title
K Morakchi Electrochemical studies of liquid-liquid interfaces
Tomasz K. Pietrzak White luminescence of Eu2+/Eu3+ in phosphate glass matrix
Dr. Mohamed Aly Hassan Zenhom Using the Free Formation in the Glass Sculpture Design