Invited speakers and conference themes




This joint meeting, to be held at St Anne’s college, Oxford, UK, is comprised of two conferences that will run sequentially.  There will be a combined borophosphates day to provide a transition between the two conferences. A number of highly regarded researchers have been invited to contribute to the conference, including

Invited speakers for the borates conference

Honoree, Steve Feller (Coe College, Iowa, USA)
How do the fundamental physical properties of borate glass
reveal its underlying atomic structure?

Mario Affatigato (Coe College, Iowa, USA)
44 years of borates: Steve Feller’s legacy

Diane Holland (University of Warwick, UK)
NMR studies of alkali borogermanate glasses and comparison
with borosilicates

Simona Ispas (University of Montpellier, France)
Ab initio modelling of multicomponent borosilicate glasses.

Mohamed Rahaman (Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA)
Bioactive borate glasses: Compositional effects on structure,
reactivity and cell response

Oliver Alderman (Materials Development Inc., USA)
Borate melt structure: Temperature dependent B-O bond
lengths and coordination numbers from x-ray diffraction

Jun Matsuoka (University of Shiga Prefecture, Japan)
Thermal properties and viscosity of isotope substituted borate
glasses: Concept of vibrational connectivity

Frank Hawthorne (University of Manitoba, Canada)
Bond valence and Lewis-acid-base relations: Their effects on
bond topology and chemical composition of borate minerals

Invited speakers for the phosphates conference

Honoree, Uwe Hoppe (Rostock University, Germany)
A career in diffraction:
Probing the structure of phosphate glasses

Alex Hannon (ISIS Neutron and Muon Source, UK)
X-rays, neutrons and phosphates
Tsuyoshi Honma (Nagaoka University of Technology,
Phosphate glass and glass-ceramics for rechargeable batteries.

Delia Brauer (Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany)
Following phosphate glass dissolution by P-31 NMR.

Morten Smedskjaer (Aalborg University, Denmark)
Structure-property transformations in hot compressed
phosphate glasses.

Jincheng Du (University of North Texas, USA)
Structures of rare earth containing phosphate and phosphosilicate
glasses, insight from molecular dynamics simulations.

Leo Van Wullen (University of Augsberg Germany)
Glass structure and its evolution at high temperatures:
Phase separation, crystallization and species exchange:
Lessons from solid state NMR spectroscopy

Francisco Munoz (Spanish National Research Council)
Viscosity of phosphate melts

The five day meeting will cover a number of interlinking themes that will be of interest to all delegates. These include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Energy including nuclear waste storage and electrolytes, super ionic systems and ionic conductivity.

  • Healthcare including bone repair, bioactivity, dental and medical applications, glass ceramics and crystallisation.

  • Optical and data storage materials including optical properties, glass fibres, luminescence, laser hosts.

  • Property-structure relationships including mixed network glasses, structural modelling and simulations, mechanical properties, thermal properties, glasses in extreme conditions, glass ceramics, phase separation and inhomogeneities, thermodynamics, corrosion.

  • Fundamentals of the glassy state including glass structure, short and intermediate range order, the glass transition, the boson peak, glass relaxation, crystallisation.

  • Novel glasses, crystals and melts including synthesis and characterisation.

  • Technology and Industry including current applications and future developments.