Conference Details

The 9th International Conference on Borate Glasses, Crystals and Melts and the 2nd International Conference on Phosphate Materials will be held sequentially on 24-28 July, 2017, at St Anne's College,Oxford.

The Borate Conference is a forum for the discussion of current scientific research on borate materials (with a chemical composition that includes B2O3, B2S3 or B2Se3). The Borate Conference will be held on 24-26 July 2017. The 9th Borate Conference will be held in honour of Professor Steve Feller of Coe College, Iowa, USA,  in recognition of his unique contribution to the study of borate materials.

The Phosphate Conference is a forum for the discussion of current scientific research on phosphate materials (research on phosphate- and phosphate-containing materials, including P-O, P-S, P-Se and P-O-N networks). The Phosphate Conference will be held on 26-28 July 2017.

In 2014 the Borate and Phosphate Conferences were held sequentially in Pardubice, Czech Republic - see previous conference website .

The Conferences are being organised by the Society of Glass Technology, and the chairman of the local organising committee is Dr Emma Barney of the University of Nottingham. The Borate International Organising Committee is chaired by Professor Alex Hannon of Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, and the Phosphate  International Organising Committee is chaired by Professor Richard Brow of Missouri University of Science & Technology.

Conference Themes

This joint meeting, to be held at St Anne’s college, Oxford, UK, is comprised of two conferences that will run sequentially. On the third day of the meeting there will be a combined day dedicated to borophosphate glasses followed by a conference dinner to mark the close the borates part of the meeting and the beginning of the phosphates conference.  The five day meeting will cover a number of interlinking themes that will be of interest to all delegates. These include, but are not limited to, the following

  • Energy including nuclear waste storage and electrolytes, super ionic systems and ionic conductivity.
  • Healthcare including bone repair, bioactivity, dental and medical applications, glass ceramics and crystallisation.
  • Optical and data storage materials including optical properties, glass fibres, luminescence, laser hosts.
  • Property-structure relationships including mixed network glasses, structural modelling and simulations, mechanical properties, thermal properties, glasses in extreme conditions, glass ceramics, phase separation and inhomogeneities, thermodynamics, corrosion.
  • Fundamentals of the glassy state including glass structure, short and intermediate range order, the glass transition, the boson peak, glass relaxation, crystallisation.
  • Novel glasses, crystals and melts including synthesis and characterisation.
  • Technology and Industry including current applications and future developments.

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